Crossway Baptist Church holds to several theological distinctives which, though important, are not essentials for membership. These distinctives must be upheld and not contradicted in any ministry of the church.

Expository PReaching

Crossway believes in the importance of expository preaching. Expository preaching can be defined as a sermon whose main idea is the main idea of the text or texts of Scripture. Expository sermons will often be a part of a series through a book of the Bible but may also be topical in nature. The style of preaching may vary, but all preaching at Crossway must be fueled by the desire to make God’s Word known to God’s people.

Sufficiency of the Word of God

Crossway believes in the sufficiency of the Word of God for faith and practice. The Holy Spirit continues to work in the hearts of God’s people through the Scripture, which is the exclusive and sufficient authority for God’s people today.


Crossway holds to a dispensational interpretation of Scripture. We see a distinction between Israel and the Church, we believe the nation of Israel awaits the future fulfillment of God’s promises, and the Old Testament must be read with an emphasis on the intent of the original author to his original audience. We believe that the church will be kept from the coming Tribulation and that Christ’s return will precede his future thousand year reign as a literal, earthly fulfillment of Davidic Kingdom promises. 


Crossway holds to a literal interpretation of the creation account as a historical account of God’s work of creation. God created the world in six literal days, culminating in his creation of Adam and Eve in his own image. Adam and Eve are our first parents from whom all humanity inherited sin and death.

Roles of Men and Women

Crossway believes, while both men and women are gifted for service in the church; the office of elder, as well as teaching and exercising authority over men are limited to qualified men.

God’s Sovereignty

Crossway believes salvation is entirely the work of God. Election is God’s eternal choice of some persons to everlasting life—not because of foreseen merit in them, but because of his mercy in Christ—in consequence of which choice they believe and are saved. God uses means to accomplish His purposes, therefore the sovereignty of God does not undo the responsibility of man to believe nor to evangelize.

Personal Holiness

Crossway believes that the true child of God will desire to please his Father through personal holiness. While some standards of holiness are clear in Scripture others are less so. In regard to these differences of conscience, we will endeavor to pursue holiness with humble deference to our brothers and sisters in Christ when they are led to different conclusions from our own without condemning them in attitude or word. 


Crossway believes that the corporate gathering of the church is focused on the adoration and worship of God. The worship of the church should reflect that focus by uniting the congregation in worship through corporate singing, Bible reading, giving, baptism, Lord’s Supper, and preaching of the Word. The worship service is not merely designed to elicit feelings or responses in the worshippers but to direct them to glorify God.